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The Schmiesings: Fred (1910) Virgil (2nd Generation) Scott (3rd Generation) Brandon (4th Generation)


Scott Schmiesing is the current owner and operator of Schmiesing Family Farms. He took over daily operations from his dad, Virgil, in the late 1990s. Virgil continued to farm with Scott for many years and "officially retired" when he was 84. Brandon, who grew up on the family farm, went to college in Fargo, North Dakota and obtained a degree in business and marketing. Upon graduation he moved to Excelsior, Minnesota, to pursue a career in business sales.  He moved back to the area in 2014 and has been farming with his dad, Scott. They are planning for future transitional opportunities. Their goal is to ensure a strong operation for a future generation of farmers.

Our Farm at a Glance


We have two main farm sites located in Lake Hanska Township, which is roughly five miles west of Hanska, Minnesota. We farm 650 acres of corn and soybeans. Scott lives on the family farm with his wife, Tracey, where they raised two children Amber and Brandon. Brandon lives within 20 miles of the family farm with his wife, Nicole, and their three children Bodee, Teegan and Reese. Seasonally, during planting and harvest, you will find many more family and friends helping at any given time to keep the operation running.

Future (5th Generation)


Our goal is to continue to grow so we can remain sustainable for future generations. Bodee and Teegan (pictured above) are regular "rock pickers" with Grandpa Scott and Grandma Tracey. They received a raise to 10 cents per rock last year and were pretty excited!  They are also helpers during spring and fall seasons. Reese is the youngest Schmiesing and at only three-years old is a good helper, just like her brother and sister. 

Business Operations

Business Planning

The off season is a time to step back and review personal and financial goals for our family. This is when the crop marketing plan is developed and set in place for the next year. Of course this is a guide that will see adjustment as there are no guarentees in farming or the weather.

Spring Preparation

Fortunatly for us, Scott invested in a large heated shop, which is used to maintain equipment and prepare for spring planting and tends to be a meeting spot before and after most working days on the farm. 

Planting Begins

As soil temperatures rise and the days get longer, it is finally time to begin another year and seed the fields. Spring planting is always a refreshing time of year.

Picking , Scouting, and Spraying

A lot of monitoring and maintaining goes into ensuring a successful crop year. Picking rocks to protect harvest equipment and being aware of any problems with pests or plants pays off in October when it is time to harvest.


Harvest time is and always will be a favorite time of year for our family. It is a time to join together with family and friends, roll up your sleeves,  and work along side one another to close out another year. Harvest is as much about dollars and cents as it is about building comradery with those around you. It is a feeling of pride and accomplishment when the last field is picked.

Review and Tax Planning

Once the rush of harvest is complete it is a time for review. We look at yield results, evaluate equipment needs and plan purchases. We also continue to  develop and revise our marketing plan and make adjustments as fiscal year ends approach.

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If you are a landowner in Southern Minnesota and would like to partner with a growing family farm business, we encourage you to consider us. We treat our landowners with honesty, dedication and friendship. Thank you for visiting Schmiesing Family Farms.

Scott or Brandon Schmiesing

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